Land Surveying Firm

Choosing the best professional land surveying company upfront can save you time, money, worries, and potential legal problems down the road. The highly complex and technical work done by land surveying services is the foundation upon which your project will be built. Choose our professional and reputable company for your survey needs.

With CARLTON RAKESTRAW & ASSOCIATES INC., you can be well assured that your job is done right, the first time.

Our Projects for Area Municipalities

  • Georgia Department of Transportation
  • Paulding County Department of Transportation
  • Paulding County Board of Commissioners
  • Paulding County Board of Education
  • Paulding County Water Department, Dallas, Hiram

Professionally Licensed

Our customer service is very effective, and we answer calls with prompt responses. We cater to each client and their needs. We are an experienced and professionally licensed business. We get the job done under licensed and followed guidelines that are dictated by the state we survey in.